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Business valuation is a complex process that is required to estimate the fair market value of a business – its tangible and intangible assets. Business valuations are needed for a wide variety reasons, including shareholder transitions and disputes, corporate reorganizations, business succession planning as well as personal estate planning. To do so generally requires extensive research and analysis of financial and non-financial data specific to the business being valued as well as economic and industry information.

The goal in a business valuation engagement is to come to a valuation conclusion that will stand the test of time, hold up in court and/or the scrutiny of the IRS. At Boebel Valuation & Tax we work with you to establish a value for your business, no matter the size or industry sector. We have a repository of information including recent sales of similar businesses, court decisions, online databases and industry publications that we can access and interpret. And, we understand both the quantitative and qualitative factors, including income–related issues, to reach a fair and reasonable value.

Bringing to Boebel Valuation & Tax valuable experience gained as the Principal in charge of the Valuation and Litigation Services group for a Top 50 accounting firm, Mark offers and delivers valuation services in many situations including:

  • Succession planning including valuations meeting gift tax (IRS) disclosure standards
  • Estate planning including valuations for estate tax return disclosure purposes
  • Tax entity reorganizations, recapitalizations and conversion of traditional corporation tax status to a S corporation
  • Purchase price allocation
  • Mergers and acquisitions (M&A) – buyer or seller
  • Shareholder/buy-sell agreements with analysis related to the adequacy of life insurance
  • Business transition consulting including analysis regarding value drivers
  • Divorce of a business owner(s)