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Litigation of business issues is a costly process which can culminate in a courtroom trial. In providing litigation support, it is imperative for the financial expert to work closely with the attorney and client to ensure the analysis needed to keep project on course is provided.

At Boebel Valuation and Tax Services, we have more than 30 years of experience delivering accounting, tax, consulting and valuation related service. Our experience enables us to provide comprehensive analysis and the ability to counsel clients and their attorneys in developing a sound legal position as well as forming strategies needed to settle the case.

In providing litigation support, Boebel Valuation & Tax offers services including:

  • Technical financial analysis involving profitability metrics, cash flow and debt leverage as well as evaluation of financial position or the balance sheet
  • Investigative or tracing analysis
  • Identification and quantification of key financial and non-financial issues
  • Preparation of reports for settlement negotiations as well as court submission

With practical experience as a Certified Public Accountant and an expert in mediation, arbitration and court proceedings, Mark is able to assist clients and their attorneys in all facets of the litigation process.